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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yoshida Denzai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (the Company) does not expose personal information of the customer to third parties without the prior consent of the customer other than its intended purpose. Also, we do not offer your personal information to the seller of the other without prior notice.

Customers who use our site

When you are going to use our site, there are items to ask personal information of customers (company name, your name, e-mail address, address, phone number/fax number) in a part of the inquiry page. The information that you have to be asked will be used only for the purpose of providing services to customer who request and answer inquiries. Also, in regard to data provided by you and other personal information, we promise that we handle it with extra care under the close supervision.

The implementation of security measures

In accordance with personal information guidelines set by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, all or part of organizational, human, physical and technical security measures are carried out as necessary for the personal information handled by the Company. The Company is to prevent loss, unauthorized access, destruction, leakage and falsification of personal information and at the same time, in case an accident should occur, building a system to preserve the evidence and track the case quickly to deal properly and to endeavor maximum.

Various contacts

If you have any queries about the commission and various procedures of disclosure claims for personal data the company held and complaint against the company, questions regarding this privacy policy, please send us an email as the contact information set forth below, with the name of the person querying, the contents of the query and e-mail address to reply. We will use the personal information of the person who is such a query only for the purpose of identifying the person who has an inquiry and to answer from our company. It should be noted that depending on the content of the query, we are allowed to check with several questions in advance to the answer to the query that those who have a query is the person we have held the personal information.

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Disclosure of personal information

Unless it falls under any of the following, we do not disclose or transfer to a third party the personal information that customers had offered.

・If there is a consent of him or her about sharing and disclosure of personal information.
・If the public authority (court, police, etc.) are asked to formal inquiry based on law.
・If there is a risk to human life, property and there is an urgent need.
・In cases where it is deemed necessary to protect our right, goods and services.


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Changes to privacy policy

The privacy policy posted on this site is subject to change without notice on the basis of such as changing the content of the service. In this case, latest privacy policy is posted always on this website. Please refer to the latest content on this page when you use.



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